“Abundance is not a number or acquisition. It is the simple recognition of enoughness”     -Alan Cohen

On Friday in school I had a very interesting group discussion on the topic of ‘Enoughness’ so I wanted to share my thoughts and even understand your views on this topic.

Well if you can’t tell, this is going to be an ‘educational’ or ‘meaningful’ blog post and if you don’t like reading these kind of posts then keep a look out for my next post! XD Thanks! x

Okay if you’re still here, here goes…

Firstly, what does never ending mean? It means having or seeming to have no end or being interminable. We live in a world that is carved by materialism, selfishness, and the never ending quest for the almighty dollar. We swindle and scam for it, and sometimes even kill for it! There is no end to your wants and desires. You become rich and buy a car, then after sometime you want to have two cars. Is there any end to this?

“A person running behind wealth goes on working towards acquiring more and more wealth, and then ultimately tires himself and dies.”   -Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

The realm of human beings is, in fact, the very manifestation of attachment and desire. Almost every thought we have, every word we speak, and every move we make is based upon our deep-rooted sense of need. When satisfaction has been achieved, we want something else because we are bored again, so we perpetuate wanting and do what we can to satisfy our ever-lasting desires that started to churn the moment we were born and hardly leave us until we die. This is the case for all living beings that live and experience the world as they do, and it is marked by feverish anxiety and misery.

So how much do you really need? Have you ever struggled with enoughness? Or on the flip side, have you experienced the satisfaction of enough? The pure, simple pleasure of having all you need and the sweet sense of contentment?

So know this… When you learn how to be content, you increase your capacity to enjoy.

To the untrained eye, it appears that more consumption would increase contentment, but this is not the case at all. The real answer lies in the idea of enoughness; adequate provisions to live in modest comfort.

All we need is … enough.

Comment below if you agree or disagree and tell me your thoughts. I’m curious to know! 🙂


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