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I have my exams in less than a month and I spent most of my time on this book. I really liked it so here’s a review on it.

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Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Lost Children of Nepal

By Conor Grennan

Published by William Morrow

In search of adventure, twenty-nine year old Conor Grennan abandoned his job and used his savings to go on a year-long trip around the globe, a long journey that began with a three month volunteering session at an orphanage called Little Princes in war-torn Nepal. He was initially reluctant but eventually gave in as he felt guilty about spending an entire year travelling the world. Little did he know this was the place where his life would change unimaginably. Conor made many discoveries about the children, some good, some not so good; he made new friends and most importantly he met his best friend and wife through this journey that he accounts in his book.

I felt this book was truly inspirational and heart-warming. I didn’t know much about the Maoist rebellion or corruption in Nepal before reading this book but I love that this book opens up these issues to the world. Conor’s story quickly becomes personal and gripping as he goes from just another volunteer at the orphanage to the pioneer of a mission to save seven children and potentially other Nepali children that were in the hands of child traffickers. I expected the theme of the book to be depressing but the author tells his story in a relatively humorous way. Of course there were bits that were quite disheartening and upsetting due to the plight of the children and the parents but that just filled me with compassion and humanity. The book made me realize that this is the situation of the children in so many third world countries and there are such inhumane people who are more than willing to traffic a young human life.

Conor was very brave and determined of achieving his goal of reuniting the children with their families. He set aside his own personal interest to help the children in Nepal which says a lot as, in the beginning, he was pretty selfish. He volunteered in an orphanage just to have something to talk about or put on his resume. After his trip he started fund-raisers and with a debt from his relatives he returned to Nepal to rescue the trafficked children. He eventually formed his own non-profit organizations named ‘Next Generation Nepal’ with the help of his colleague and fellow volunteer at Little Princes, Farid Ait-Mansour.

With sheer hope he travels to Humla to find the parents of the children and to find out more about the trafficking. The love he has for these children shines throughout the book. He is honest about his feelings and experiences, and I love that he doesn’t sugar-coat anything. This book also shows how tough the children are and how they can survive with a little attention and love. It is so crucial for books like this to show us that it doesn’t take a lot to make a difference in the lives of people less fortunate.

Little Princes is a true story of families and children, and what a person can do with a little hope, will and faith. It was a real eye opener for me as I had no idea what children over in Nepal faced and it makes me appreciate what I have a whole lot more. I admire the author and applaud his work. This is a very special book that we all should read.


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