“The secret of getting ahead is getting started”

                                                                                       – Mark Twain

This week is going to be crazy! My dog, Cesar’s birthday is on 5th March and he is turning 2 years old. That’s great. My birthday is on 8th March and I’ll be turning 18 this year. Again, great. My first paper, which is history, is on 9th March and I don’t do great in history. So I will have to spend my 18th birthday studying for a freaking history paper!!!

Anyway here are some study tips that I find useful. Hope they help! 🙂

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1) Make a timetable and stick to it.

Making a timetable gives you a clear picture of what you have to study and how much time you need to spend on what subject. Start as early as you can so that you have extra time in the end to revise or catch up in case you missed a few hours.


2) Concentrate.

Find a quiet place to sit (no lying down) with plenty of light. Turn off your phone, computer, etc. and make sure nobody distracts you. Devote that amount of time to studying and nothing else. The more you concentrate the better you understand.


3) Create your own study guide.

Depending on the pattern of your paper (Multiple choice, Essay type, etc.) you can create your own study guide to help you with understanding the content better. Writing down the important points is not only helpful for improving your writing speed but also gives you a reference during study.


4) Have a group study session.

Group study sessions usually work only when people are serious enough to study. But it is the best way to get answers to questions you are not sure of or exchange study material. Think before having a group session as this might not always be beneficial.


5) Test yourself.

Have a mock test after you’ve prepared. If you can find the previous year’s questions that would be great or you can buy some worksheets or ask someone to make you one. Once you have your questions set the timer and answer the questions the best you can. If the timer goes off stop writing and work on your writing speed. If you finish before the timer evaluate it yourself or ask someone else to do it for you.


6) Relax.

Take breaks and get plenty of sleep. Drink lots of water and exercise even a short walk will do. Don’t stress yourself too much. As much as studying is important relaxing is equally important.


→ Best of luck to anyone who has their exams coming up! 🙂


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